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How download .xpi Facebook messenger

  Dean Havens 01:11 08 Jun 2018

I have a PC, she has a MAC. I sent her an xpi file on Facebook messenger. How does she download it to her computer? Where does it go after she saves it. From there it has to be dragged and dropped to her Firefox browser to install it. She is not computer savvy so detailed instructions will be helpful and appreciated!

  Dean Havens 09:17 08 Jun 2018

I know this sounds like a simplistic question with an answer that should be obvious.. but keep in mind, she isn't computer savvy and I've never used a MAC. And with a different OS all the operations, methods for file searches, saving attachments etc are very different from a PC. So whatever needs to be done I'll have to explain it to her step by step. Can someone familiar with both OS's please help? Thanks in advance...

  bremner 12:10 08 Jun 2018

It ism as simple and dragging it into an open Mozilla program as described here

  Dean Havens 23:52 08 Jun 2018

Thanks Bremner.. I did see that link.. But I don't think you can drag an attachment (the xpi file) from Facebook messenger. If I'm wrong..please advise. Thanks...

  wee eddie 00:18 09 Jun 2018

Maybe "Copy and paste" would do the trick

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