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How do I upgrade an e-machine desktop from 2002?

  jacobjohn7 19:21 28 Jul 2009

Just wanting a few tips on how/where/what i upgrade for an e-machines (pc world) pc. Many thanks

  lotvic 19:37 28 Jul 2009

First you need to know what you already have
Download SIW - Everything you want to know about your computer
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  lotvic 22:39 28 Jul 2009

Not everyone can afford to do that, myself included.

jacobjohn7, depending on what you are wanting to do on the pc you could improve it for very little cost.

My old pc is ten years old and is still in use, and this one I'm on now is 4 years old.

  jacobjohn7 16:00 30 Jul 2009

The comp is an e-machine 270, it says it takes 184pin DIMMS.... and DDR SDRAM.
the DIMMS i presume increase the storage memory?
and the SDRAM that memory speed.? I want to pick up some cheap memory for this, just to give it a quick boost. Its for my 10 year old so doesnt have to be like shit off a shovel.
Advice appreciated.
Oh, one more question please, best way to get him on internet, I have NETGEAR wireless modem connected to this PC downstairs, and his is in a upstairs bedroom, any advice please?

  jacobjohn7 21:38 06 Aug 2009

thanks smy13, the memory will make it a bit faster in what respect, will it handle a bit more game wise?

Dongle sounds like easiest way... do i buy/attach/get online as easy as that.. or more complex? ie: easy way... i plug in, it detects internet connection downstairs, and jobs a good un... or do I buy it, find i cant get it to do what i want, come on here with more questions! ;o)

Thanks for all links,great help matey.

  jacobjohn7 21:42 06 Aug 2009

PPS: memory wise, it says its upgradable to 2gb so should be slots enough for memory chip?

  jacobjohn7 21:45 06 Aug 2009

Sorry, the link for the memory covers it, many thanks.

  jacobjohn7 22:13 06 Aug 2009

just ordered 1gb from crucial, that was easy!.
Anyway, next stage, what graphic card upgrade would you suggest for this machine ie: which are compatible, to play decent high detail games. thanks.

  jacobjohn7 23:09 06 Aug 2009

cheers, motherboard is a IM845GL model, any ideas?

  jacobjohn7 22:57 10 Aug 2009

cheers smy. I have successfully fitted the memory stick.! One stage done.! the game he was wanting to play still loads, but gets to 97% then cuts out when its trying to show the actual game screen, like an age of the empires type lord of the rings game. Perhaps im trying too much on limited system, but he seems within the requirements on the box on a v low graphics setting, so might be a graphics card issue.

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