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How do I return to recent folders and files?

  river251 03:37 27 Mar 2019

Recents and smart folders have proven to be useless. They return me to stuff two or three days ago, not what I was working on before lunch.

Am I missing abilities that OS10 has (Mojave latest)?

I have used Windows for 20 years. In Win7 and Win10, it is possible for you to sit down at your computer, and get right back into where you left off, because windows has "recency." Win7 better than Win10, but new features in Win10 take this idea much farther. You can open recent folders, or recent files, and be back right where you were when stopping in your last log in. You can open recent files and folders. Win10 lets you scroll the desktop right back in time.

The "recents" on MacOS just shows stuff you have done lately--- it's useless because it is only what has and was open lately, but never sooner than a couple days it seemed. Ancient history!!! It's smart folders and recents and other attempts at taking you back to where you just worked are not functional or useful.

Am I missing something?

Thanks Jim

  bremner 14:26 27 Mar 2019

Once in Finder go to Finder on menu bar (top left) and select Preferences

Click the Sidebar tab and make sure Recents is ticked.

You will now have all the recent files etc which can be grouped by type etc from the Group and action tabs

  bremner 14:35 27 Mar 2019

Meant to say on files and not Folders are included and there seems no way to add Folders as can be evidenced from the many queries on the web.

  stevencheung 12:09 09 Apr 2019

hello, can i increase my iPhone memory storage? thank you,

  bremner 13:34 09 Apr 2019


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