How do I load a website directly onto an iPad?

  Anorak783 12:32 13 Jan 2017


I am producing a corporate interactive presentation as a mini-website in HTML5 format for our sales reps to show to customers on an iPad at a forthcoming trade show.

The site/presentation is pretty straightforward: about 30 pages with basic animations, video, slideshow and scrolling text.

The thing I’m bamboozled by is actually getting it onto the iPad. I know I could load it onto the web and then simply have the iPad hook up to that but the thing is, if the web connection goes down (or runs slowly) our sales rep will have nothing to show the customer. What I really want to do is load it into the SSD of the iPad so it is permanently on the device come rain or shine. Is this even possible?

Please could someone advise me how to do this or point me to where I can get the knowledge?

Thanks in advance for all help and advice offered.

  Anorak783 12:47 13 Jan 2017

Just had a quick thought - would it be possible to load the presentation onto a wireless external drive and then have the iPad point at that?

  Jollyjohn 13:10 13 Jan 2017

You need a folder with everything about your website included, css file, images etc and transfer this to the iPad but this is not possible - click here So the alternative might be this - click here Put everything on this device from PC and then plug into iPad.

Then hopefully you should be able to do this click here and have a shortcut on the home screen to the website, running from usb device.

Might be easier to use a laptop.............:(

  mgmcc 17:40 14 Jan 2017

Have a look at this page which shows you how to save web pages in iPhone or iPad as .PDF so they can be viewed in the iBooks app. The iOS device will need to access the web pages in Safari initially.

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