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How do I delete a backup from Airport Time Capsule

  HondaMan 10:19 31 May 2018

I use an Apple Airport Time Capsule as a backup for 4 machines, one of which has recently become surplus and will be re-sold. I need to delete its backup from my Time Capsule and regain the space it occupies, but I cannot see how to do it.

Can anyone assist please?

  mgmcc 12:37 31 May 2018

Are you able to access the file structure in the Time Capsule from Finder?

I use separate external drives for Time Machine in each of my Macs, but they appear in Finder and opening them shows a folder Backups.backupdb which expands to show a folder (in my case) Mike's iMac. I would have thought you should be able to access the Backups.backupdb folder in the Time Capsule which would then expand to show the four machines you've backed up. From there delete the machine whose backups you want to remove.

  HondaMan 08:48 01 Jun 2018

Thanks. I must be getting senile. It was a 22GB file and took longer to delete than expected. In the end I shift-deleted it and after a few minutes it went!

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