How do I access my icloud? Help me.

  johnmorgan13 10:04 13 Mar 2019

Hello, I lost my iphone. I don't even remember setting up the two factor authentication and what the trusted devices are. Anyways, I can't post on apple community, I can't access my icloud, I can't chat with anyone, because right after I sign in, it asks for a code that is sent to my lost phone.

So I was able to order a new iphone and keep the same number. I know my Apple ID and password. When I set my phone up, will I be able to restore it from icloud? Since I have the same number, then whatever codes that get sent should be sent on my new phone, correct? I already tried account recovery. I guess knowing my credit card number wasn't enough. I can't even contact them to give them more information to verify me.

Please tell me I can backup my new iphone with icloud. Thanks & Regards, live nettv

  john bunyan 10:23 13 Mar 2019

Did you back up old phone on a PC? If so the new one can be restored from that. Did you do an I cloud back up on the old one- and which items did you select. The free I cloud is only 5 gig so a lot of music could exceed that. If you have the old number on the new phone the 2 stage I d should come to that

  Pine Man 15:14 13 Mar 2019

I can't access my icloud,

I know my Apple ID and password

When I set my phone up, will I be able to restore it from icloud?

By the sound of it you don't know the security info for iCloud and you intend to set up your new phone with some security info you do remember, which clearly is going to be different to the iCloud settings. As such I have doubts that you will be able to restore any info from iCloud.

Have you considered contacting Apple?

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