How to delete all files of a program (SoulseekQT)

  alaurence 16:17 22 Feb 2019


A program I rely on (SoulseekQT) has stopped working. It won't complete downloads, and most of them now abort. A common solution is to ensure the ports are open. I have checked and the ports are open. I have also tried using it on a range of public and private networks and no fix. I now am trying to uninstall and reinstall the program.

However, when I go to reinstall the program, it seems to have remembered that my computer had it before, and all of the settings, as well as my original login, are completely restored (there is no obvious way to reset the program, create a new account and start over afresh).

I have used CleanMyMac3 to "completely uninstall" SoulSeekQT, but CLEARLY there are a number of files hidden deep in my hard drive that are acting as reminders to SoulSeekQT that this is not a new device using the program, but when I type in .soulseek or just soulseek into the finder nothing comes up.

If someone could advise me on how to ensure that when I next install SoulSeek, it will be a clean slate, I would be so grateful.

Many Thanks,


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