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How to Customise the fields in IOS Contacts App

  Jack1234 16:31 13 Dec 2019

Hi, I am trying to use the built in Contacts App to keep a record of around 300 properties (regrettably I don't own them!). The info fields are: Address, Postcode, Key Number, Notes, Key safe code. I have exported the data via CSV file and I can see all the info in Contacts but I can't find a way to change the Field titles on all the cards at the same time to reflect the info displayed. The key number for example is called 'Spouse' and the Key safe code is called 'Father' on all the cards. Changing the Template seems to make no difference to anything! Can someone help please? Regards, Jack

  bremner 16:28 14 Dec 2019

Try this click here

  Jack1234 00:01 15 Dec 2019

Thanks Bremner but I have tried that link before but it seems to just change one card at a time. I have managed to solve this myself by using the formula '="Key Number - "&Key Number' to add that text to each entry in the Key Number column on the spreadsheet. I then imported the file to the cards using fields that do not have a title of their own such as 'name / job title / company etc. The cards now display fine with Key Number 1234 for example.


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