How to connect IPAD to TV

  ponytail 20:26 24 Nov 2013

This is in regard to my post of a couple of days ago titled what is and how do I get a Apple password which my wife now has. Does anyone know what this does click here saw it in my local Apple store and my wife is looking for a way to connect her IPAD to her TV and I believe this might help


  ponytail 20:32 24 Nov 2013

Saw this click here

  ponytail 22:00 24 Nov 2013

Thanks Woolwell the TV my wife wants to connect it to only has HDMI would what you suggested be suitable.Am just going to check what other connections there are will come back and let you know

  ponytail 22:08 24 Nov 2013

I it helps the TV concerned is a Toshiba 19BV500B

  ponytail 22:10 24 Nov 2013
  ponytail 23:32 24 Nov 2013

Thanks for all the replies chaps but to be sure I get this right I have a Apple TV an Apple IPad Air and the television what is the sequence of connecting them to enable Netflix to be shown on the television.Thanks again

  ponytail 15:22 25 Nov 2013

Hi retep888 when you say that netflix is already on the Apple TV how does my wife pay for it as I believe it is about £5.99 a month or does she not have to pay for it and cannot believe that is the case

  ponytail 08:23 26 Nov 2013

If she has set up a account which is on her Apple IPAD AIR and she curently is using the first month free can she watch that though the Appple TV.Thanks Again

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