How to connect 20 iWatches to one email account

  secretariat 15:33 31 May 2016

I work for a local authority, and we have a perennial, centennial, eternal problem around more 'mature' Councillors not being comfortable with tech.

This gives us a problem on two sides. The first is cost, namely the cost of printing and postage, and the time delay that occurs for that.

The second problem is how it portrays the authority, and the people working within it. You, me, our kids, our cats, can use tablets with no need for paper. For older people there seems to be a massive reluctance, in some cases, not all, to convert to the 21st century.

Any suggestions as to how I turn this ship around? Would an iWatch work do you think? I'm thinking 20 watches synced to 1 account, so they all see the same calendar, the same emails?

  secretariat 16:54 31 May 2016

I can guess what I would be told by my boss at the local authority if I turned my computer off and told them I only wanted to use a typewriter and an analogue phone.

The point is that councillors are supposed to embrace cost-savings and set an example', learn, develop new skills? Too often the impetus for getting involved in local politics is questionable, at best.

  Forum Editor 19:35 31 May 2016

When you are old, you may well be reluctant to embrace new technologies. My advice is to listen to the needs of the people you work with, rather than making scathing remarks about their reluctance to 'convert to the 21st century'.

You might find it irritating now, but perhaps when you're a bit older you'll become more tolerant.

  secretariat 09:19 01 Jun 2016

Them being old isn't the problem. It's them being councillors, that's the problem. Old people can do what they like, but councillors should be setting an example and embracing technology that reduces waste, reduces cost, and allows them to be better connected.

It costs in the region of £20,000 per year to print reports and have an ongoing contract with Canon photocopiers, all because some councillors are reluctant to switch to tablets. We're not asking them to run a mile, we're asking them to carry around a lighter device than a pack of papers, and a device that can revolutionize their, and our, working practices for the better.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand! Can 20 iWatches be synced to the same email account? It's theoretical research at this point. If they won't carry tech with them, then perhaps they would wear some tech that improves their attendance record at meetings!

  jaritch 14:10 01 Jun 2016

Would they all have IPhones? iPhone needed for watch to be paired. In theory if they all had IPhones set up with the email account you suggest then it would work.

  secretariat 16:02 01 Jun 2016

Would iphones need to be on their person at all times in order for phone to work?

  jaritch 18:29 01 Jun 2016
  wee eddie 09:03 02 Jun 2016

Secretariat. Your lack of knowledge of the products you are suggesting amazes me. As the cost of equiping the Councilors with this equipment far exceeds the savings you expect to make. I suggest you redo your sums. P.S. You will need to replace all this equipment every 24 months or, as you say, you will not be embracing the 21st century.

  secretariat 09:22 02 Jun 2016

wee eddie- the 'cost' is not straightforward.

It's one thing to calculate the cost of paperwork, photocopier contracts and postage, and the loss of a day of my time, which is actually considerable. But it's quite another, and incalculable, for Members to be better connected to the Authority, and to the public.

  Forum Editor 23:27 03 Jun 2016

I think that perhaps you are in danger of thinking the tail can wag the dog. Many people - not just councillors - prefer to deal with hard-copy documents. In fact, quite a few of the corporate offices I visit in the course of my work are awash with paper.

My advice is to let the councillors get on with the job they do in the way they choose to do it.

  wee eddie 23:59 03 Jun 2016

I am not sure of your level of knowledge but assuming that each Councilor has an email address, it is simplicity itself to send a Group Email to all and address each one of them individually.

As for iWatches, they are a technology that has yet to prove itself and are, currently, a status symbol rather than a useful tool.

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