How can I save photos on iPhone 5s not using Cloud

  Govan1x 12:06 14 Apr 2017

My daughter is giving me her Iphone 5s as she is upgrading but wants her Photos saved.

Her iCloud is full so cannot download them to that as she wants to keep those as well.

She has 5G/bytes of photos and videos on this iPhone so is there another way to keep them as I would be resetting the Phone to factory settings.

  Ariettelamuse 15:09 14 Apr 2017

hello! if you don't want to save all of your files on the cloud(even it is full, you can buy storage!)it's better to use COMPUTER, safer and free!! you need to transfer all of your old files to the computer using software like click here Worth to try!!

  BRYNIT 17:05 14 Apr 2017

This may help "wikiHow to Download Photos from Your iPhone to a Computer" CLICK HERE

  rdave13 17:10 14 Apr 2017

Hello Govan1x . Just managed it and now videos and photos uploading to the PC. I'm trying to remember the steps. Connect the phone to PC.Log in to phone then iTunes should open on the PC. On the phone open the 'photos' app. Don't let the phone sleep, then open the photos app in Windows 10, and select 'import' top right. Once the PC start importing then it doesn't matter if the iPhone sleeps. Check everything has uploaded in your pictures folder on the PC. Windows 10 can play MOV. files thankfully. Once you're happy all is done click the file tab in iTunes and select exit. Remove the phone.

  Govan1x 21:16 14 Apr 2017

Ok thanks for the advice I am away from home for a few weeks so cannot do anything till I get back. I have the phone with me but have no sim card on it and basically I do not want to download it on my computer but my daughters laptop with W7 on it. But I suppose any port in a storm.

I will get my grandson to try it out to see if he can work it out. I just do not want to loose the photos or Videos that she has on it.

  Govan1x 09:52 15 Apr 2017

Cheer's everyone thanks for all your help.

One last Question can you download them on to a USB Memory Stick or would that not work.

I only have the slimmest knowledge of iPhones as all my phones are classed as ancient. So if I ask a daft question ignore it.

  Govan1x 09:19 16 Apr 2017

Ok have got the general idea on how to do it now but as it will be a fortnight before I am back home will class this as resolved.

Feel free to add any other ideas if you wish, But nothing I can do till I get back to the UK.

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