How can i make my old macbook even more awesome?

  Brokenapple 23:35 06 Oct 2015

Hi, I'm needing a bit of help regarding upgrading a macbook i bought from eBay. its a late 2006 black core 2 duo, not bad shape, I'm very impressed with the apple hardware even though its nearly 9 years old now!

I bought it half due to it being a budget option and other half because i wanted a macbook in black. unfortunately, the last owner didn't look after it properly and the superdrive has a disk stuck in the drive, and i have tried everything online to remove it even resorting in inserting a small thin screwdriver that could have made things worse. so i guess it needs replacing.

so while taking it apart to replace the superdrive, im going to upgrade a few things, add some ram, and was hoping to increase the hard drive capacity. hoping to use for finishing college and uni so needs to be reliable, fast and awesome.

with a 500gb hard drive and its max ram (even at its current 2gb i find it quite responsive), it will be a very nice machine and only have a few cosmetic issues. im going to use osx mostly for web browsing and documents and i have installed REfit so i can boot ubuntu as so i can play around learning to code, planing to learn some (basic beginner) programming languages so will frequent this and other forums online. i'll try to help with macbook issues. but with no major use for gaming i don't need to break the bank with the latest tech or upgrades.

so can anyone help me with information about replacing the superdrive? ... is this a difficult task. do i even need a superdrive, i know pc drive connectors normally are the same for hard drives and disk drives could i pull out the super drive and have a second hard drive?

a superdrive would be good, but ive heard they are not the most robust things. any help would be appreciated.

and with the hard drive, the 500gb one on ebay says its compatible (if its not i'll be requesting my money back) but the issue im worried about is it ships as an empty hard drive therefor how am i supposed to install osx onto it, without using the superdrive ? can u install osx from usb?

i currently installed lion from (i think) snow leopard by downloading the dmg image from a torrent (couldnt find on app store) and using a usb so how would this work in the case of an empty harddrive?

would i need to fix the superdrive and buy the lion cd?

and the ram apparently for this model it can only use 3.2gb of ram so if i was to add another 2gb stick (do they even have 2 ports? ) would there be any point should i just buy 1gb and not worry about the 0.2 or will it be of use for the ubuntu partition ?

once again how easy is this process?

after this 3 'upgrades' im at a loss on how to make this 9 year old machine more awesome. is there anyway i could upgrade the isight, install a backlight? anything?

also i have noticed it can get a bit noisy when its hot the fan kicks in, ive looked online and it says the thermal paste might need to be renewed, any advice on making the macbook cooler/ quieter ? cosmetically i could use a new top back plate as that is a bit scratched, as well as a new trackpad but markings on the trackpad are not visible unless you really look and is expected for this ages so i can live with that. is there anywhere other than ebay that i could get such parts and maybe the upgrades would include mixing later components that have the same connections??

Many thanks

  Macworld 11:09 07 Oct 2015

I wonder if this article on our website might help: click here

  Brokenapple 22:17 07 Oct 2015

That website was very useful thank you very much, so I'm likely to install osx onto a secondary SSD and benefit from the speed (switching my current one for the superdrive replacement and having the SSD as the primary os boot).

anyone have any experience doing so is the speed worth the price and lower capacity on an older mac?

i could get one 500gb hard drive for say 40-50 pounds but a SSD is like the same price for 60gb

also on the right side of the casing i have a slot for the superdrive? anyway to cover this ?

  Macworld 09:59 08 Oct 2015

I'd definitely opt for the SSD over a Hard Drive. It will speed things up no end.

Some people use the Superdrive bay for installing an internal SSD, we have a bit about that here: click here can't think of a way to cover the Superdrive bay though.


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