How can I copy data from Linux to Win or Mac machine?

  arsenalkid 11:58 20 Aug 2013

My group have 10 members. They use different OS Window and Mac. I use Linux. How can I copy data from my laptop to them?

  LastChip 13:27 20 Aug 2013

Just copy the data across. You can do it via a network or USB stick for example.

You could make the data available in a shared folder, and then allow user access via a network. They can then just drag the data across.

You haven't mentioned what sort of data it is, but unless it's something specific to Linux, there shouldn't be a problem. Many NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers are Linux based and are accessed by all sorts of operating systems. Many of the worlds web servers run on Linux, but Windows users can still access the websites. It makes no difference it's hosted on a Linux machine.

  arsenalkid 16:59 20 Aug 2013

Thank LastChip for response.

We found out some solutions for our issue. This is result: - FTP - Rsync - GBCopy - USB (of couse) ... We tried to use FTP or Rsync but they seem not easy to setup on different OSes. When we install GBCopy, our problem is resolved. It look like portable application to copy data accross platfforms. GBCopy helped us share data quikly and safe.

We dont use NAS for our issues because we dont have any web server based on Linux, just use laptop only.

Thank you!

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