How to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC?

  Willa Foster 08:44 29 Nov 2016

I use iPhone 5, and want to copy WhatsApp data from my iPhone to my computer. How? Especially how to selectively copy specific WhatsApp data to computer? I have tried iTunes, but it just can't backup my WhatsApp.

  JocelynRM 09:11 29 Nov 2016

Jihosoft WhatsMate has a free WhatsApp backup feature for iPhone, you can try this tool. There is a text tutorial about how to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to computer, for your reference.

Hope it can help you.

1]: [click here

  Willa Foster 01:38 30 Nov 2016

Cool tool! I would like to use this program, and where can I get the download link?

  atekc 01:43 30 Nov 2016

transfer data from iPhone to PC for a better preview, you can backup WhatsApp from iphone to computer easily

  JocelynRM 03:17 01 Dec 2016

Correct: The text tutorial about how to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to computer is here, for your reference. When the program is released, I'd like to share you the link. Thanks.

  Willa Foster 07:53 22 Jan 2017

Well, Jihosoft WhatsMate has finally been released. And there is a video on Youtube showing you how to use it to manage WhatsApp data on iPhone and Android.

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