home-networking a pc and a mac together

  longjon 12:51 11 Aug 2004

i have a broadband internet connection working with my pc, but want to add a mac to the connection for use in another room. not sure how to go about it. the other room has physical cable connections ready, but i am told i need to get a router. does anyone know whether/which routers enable both pc and macs or are they format-specific? ta for help.

  AndySD 14:54 11 Aug 2004

Most routers should be fine. I use a Netgear router for this at home. The only problem you might encounter is if your present broadband connection to the pc is via USB

  Kase 18:05 11 Aug 2004

I have just commenced a home network of 2 Pc's and 1 Mac and have found you will need a Modem with an Ethernet and Usb Connection and if you wish to share Broadband Internet connection and files you will need a gateway router


  longjon 10:07 12 Aug 2004

i am unclear on the usb/ethernet issue. my current pc is usb linked by cable to its broadband modem, but has ethernet option. i think mac has both. my questions are:
is it that both have to be connected the same way?
would a wireless router solve it?
and, kase, is a gateway router different from a normal router?
ta for help so far

  Kase 16:52 13 Aug 2004

No I don't think so it is just the name of the Belkin Router I have "Belkin 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router User Manual F5D5231-4". As I understand it if you have a modem with Usb connection and Ethernet you can connect 2 Pc's together to share the Internet connection if you wish to connect 3 Pc's you then need a Router. The most important thing is check the product will also support a Mac Computer

  Kate B 17:24 13 Aug 2004

If you just want to link the two together by cable the simplest way is via a crossover cable: I've got a PC and a Mac sharing the broadband connection quite happily this way.

You'll need to run the network connection wizard on the PC, turn on Windows filesharing and run internet connect on the mac and make sure the PC's firewall is tweaked to allow it, but it's dead simple.

Only thing with this setup is that the host PC has to be on to allow the Mac to access its BB connection.

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