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High Sierra - mail stuck in outbox

  Forum Editor 17:39 26 Sep 2019

A friend of mine can see that 1 email is stuck in the Mail outbox. but he can't actually see the message - opening the outbox produces nothing.

Is there a fix for this? My friend has tried everything he can think of. but the outbox still shows that there is 1 message in it.

I am not a Mac expert by any means, but I'm sure we have someone in the forum who is.

  wee eddie 18:35 26 Sep 2019

Might this be something to do with the size of the email. Things like that often used to happen - long, long ago

  Pine Man 14:50 27 Sep 2019

Presumably the email was never sent and it is an IMAP email account?

On the basis that it wasn't sent then it won't be on the server but only on the computer. As such I would first of all try Mailbox/Rebuild and if that fails I would delete the account and then set it up again, which should give you a fresh Mail set up and only emails/mailboxes on the server should appear.

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