Hiding my IP and MAC address from wireless Provide

  Muslimat79 17:12 19 Feb 2004

Hello everyone,

There's been problem with Wireless ISP provider in Nigeria. After you paid them the monthly charge, they still keeping blocking you for sometime and then release it. I'll love to know if there's anything or software that will hide my IP and MAC adresses from being traced or seen by my ISP so that I could not be disconnected or blocked after shelling out a huge amount of =N=56000.

Please help me out. Thank a lot.

  Kitz E Kat 18:54 19 Feb 2004

Well you can't hide your IP addiress, as it's the ISP that gives it to you !
You can change your mac address use ,SMAC , but that will do you little good either.

If you changed your IP then nothin will get to you.
I assume you get a IP everytime and are not using a static one, if you got a static one you could change it but then the wireless network won't know who you are, the same goes for the MAC address..

Sorry but there's not a lot you can do :-(
Well you could go wardirving :-)
Good luck.....

  Muslimat79 11:58 20 Feb 2004

As you just mentioned, I do really understand you but how do I change the IP and the MAC addresses?

  vinnyo123 14:49 20 Feb 2004

It is not possible to do from your end you need to give your ISP your MAC and they match it with the IP they give you so you can use there network.You are using there network to gain access to the internet(network of networks)So if you change your IP no good ,change MAC (clone no good ISP would know from there routers tables).The only way is to write a trojen jump on someone elses machine and use there connection now that is a task and nobody wants to do that.

You never mentioned my they would block you then give you access again.May your problem lays elsewhere.Your wireless connection may be giving you a problem like this......?

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