Help remove a logo from email messages please

  SharonForster 17:12 05 Jan 2015

Can anyone help, I've had a Macbook for around 6 years, its old and it doesn't work if the power is unplugged and I know I need a new one, but till then.... whenever I send an e-mail there is a logo (clearly I learnt how to put it there years ago) in the top right hand corner, I no longer wish it to be there, But don't know who to remove it???

Please Help xx


  AroundAgain 17:37 05 Jan 2015

What email client do you use? This may be relevant for a solution

  SharonForster 17:47 05 Jan 2015

As in ?

  AroundAgain 18:29 05 Jan 2015

Do you go to BT website to write/read your emails or do they come to your computer, displayed in a specific program?

  SharonForster 20:36 05 Jan 2015

No its on the bar at the bottom of the screen x just says Mail

  SharonForster 21:02 05 Jan 2015

Aha. I found it .... It was in the Apple ... in the system preferences ...In Accounts

X cheers X

  AroundAgain 21:07 05 Jan 2015

Oooh! Well done! :)

I was about to post that I couldn't help you but you've sorted it anyway.

Brilliant result - Congratulations

Maybe you would click on the arrow relating to your last post to indicate you've solved it!!! Yay!

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