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Help recovering deleted video and photos

  PC_HelpMe 15:02 04 Aug 2019

Hi, and yes I somehow permanently deleted a few images and a short video from my iPhone 6+. I think my phone was on a go-slow and the delay ended up me selecting something I didn’t want to be deleted.

Anyway, I’ve been trying some software that recovers photos and videos (dr fone being the main one), yet it’s not recovered the photo and video that I’m missing. Are there any other apps you recommend that will draw out absolutely everything that has been deleted, or do I just accept they’ve gone?

Thanks for reading.

  john bunyan 15:21 04 Aug 2019

Do you have iCloud and photos ticked on it? Mine is linked to a laptop so come in automatically via I cloud. If not, wait for other replies

  PC_HelpMe 15:47 04 Aug 2019

No I don’t use iCloud. I had done an iTunes backup the morning before I lost the media but it’s just gone and done another backup today so now I can’t select hesgerday’s Backup to restore to :-( I thought I could choose which backup date to use but it’s nit giving me that option. When I did try and use the backup it said there wasn’t enough room on my phone to do it anyway. Think I’m likely to have lost them :-(

  nikkibe 16:59 19 Aug 2019

If you deleted your data by accidentally, you can check your recently deleted videos/pictures on iPhone in the “Recently Deleted” folder of Album first. Those deleted data will be preserved there for a month. If it can't solve your problem, you have to try some tools to recover data from iPhone.

  PC_HelpMe 20:15 19 Aug 2019

Thank you for replying nikkibe but yeah I've tried your suggestion already and they’d been deleted from there also. At this point and despite all the software I’ve tried they have gone. I appreciate you taking the time to reply though.

  lopezpez 04:16 20 Aug 2019

Oh, don't give up so soon. Now that you have made an iTunes backup, why not try to reset the iPhone from the factory and then restore it from iTunes backup? As long as your iTunes backup is not corrupted, you still have the opportunity to recover deleted videos from your iPhone.

  PC_HelpMe 08:36 20 Aug 2019

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately iTunes created a backup of the phone up AFTER the photos disappeared so even that won’t have the missing photos on it. (I had even selected that it didn’t create a backup unless I selected to but as soon as I plugged my phone into my computer it did it anyway). I chatted with some Apple Help people and they couldn’t suggest anything further. I haven’t given up so soon - I’d been trying to sort this out well before posting on here too. I may be best setting this as solved so it doesn’t waste anyone else’s time in replying.

  PC_HelpMe 11:22 12 Sep 2019

Ooh how do I scan backups - I like the sound of that?

Although - will iTunes not just replace the previous backup with a newer one?

  Bill Chan 11:02 03 Jan 2020

Joyoshare ultfix. A more budget recovery tool than Dr.fone but no less capable, not to mention it has an xmas discount now. You can scan your phone with that program before acutually buying it to see if it can recover those photos and videos. I don't think it's gonna be very hard since your phone still works.

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