Help please! I think i’ve Killed my iMac!

  diyena 19:53 25 Jan 2018

My 2009 iMac has run great for the 9 years I’ve had it. I upgraded to High Sierra a couple of weeks ago. Last week I added 2 x 2gb of memory. Today them Mac has suddenly crashed 8 times and now MacOS Utilities has opened giving me 4 options. Restore from time machine Reinstall Mac OS Get Help Online Disk Utility, repair or erase a disk.

I’ve no idea what I should do!

The crash reports all said ‘unidentified UUID’

Can anyone advise me please?

  axelzanda 11:16 26 Jan 2018

I suspect the RAM may be faulty. Frequent crashes and/or kernel panics (grey screen with lots of gibberish showing) usually caused by faulty/wrong type of RAM. Swap it out for the old RAM (if you have it) and restart. If not RAM the HDD has probably failed. You should be able, with help, to replace the HDD or install an SSD upgrade. Hopefully, you'll have a back-up of your imac on an external HD, which you can use to do a new set-up.

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