Help needed with apple upgrade 4 to 4s

  golfpro 05:51 23 Dec 2012

I am just about to upgrade my apple 4 8gb to a 32gb 4s. I have been using the 4 for some time now but find it is to restrictive among other things. My question is when I get the new phone, is it just a case of inserting my sim card and will the phone respond to all my settings or do I have to make some changes if so what? Hope there is someone out there who has had to do this and can put me on the right track.

  c4rm0 19:51 24 Dec 2012

Is the new phone on the same carrier ? different carrier ? or is it unlocked ? if its on the same carrier should be just a case of just inserting your new sim logging into your Itunes/Icloud accounts and then your contacts , photos should then be pulled down/synced to your new phone

I personally use a tool called Diskaid to transfer my files , SMS, contacts if i ever upgrade someones iphone for them

Im surprised you have upgraded from a iphone 4 to 4s its basically the same phone just slightly faster. + if you find Iphones to be restrictive you should of gone for a android for example Nexus 4 / Galaxy S3 :)

  golfpro 05:20 25 Dec 2012

c4rmo. Thanks for the reply, The new phone will be on the same carrier and as I bought this new it is unlocked. I had problems when I first got the phone about a year ago (I got the wrong phone then, should have got the 4s at this time). but I am still having problems syncing in cloud between my iPad and macbook air, as yet have not found a way to resolve it. I will have a look at that program you use. I just hope (when my new phone arrives Christmas plays havoc with the post) that all I have to do is insert my sim card enter my aApple id and hope. If not I will be back on the phone to apple suport again. BTW regarding your question about the other phone models I did have a look though them the only one which I liked was the Nokia lumia but nobody has one as yet.

  simonjary 10:09 25 Dec 2012

Your carrier may well walk you through the new sim card activation - O2 does this by text, and should be simple.

Make sure you first back up either to a computer or via iCloud. That way when you first sync with the new phone it should restore to the most recent back up.

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