Help me buy an iPhone 5 housing

  Bioxed 18:59 28 Dec 2015

Can anyone help me buy an iPhone 5 housing. Original,OEM,like the original, aluminium,strong etc.

I have been looking for two days and It's so hard to tell which one is the best. I narrowed it down to two picks(I can shoot the links in a private message to anyone who wants to help). If you have any experience it is more then welcome, recommendations are amazing aswell.

Thank you so much!

  Forum Editor 09:01 29 Dec 2015

Post the links to your two options, and we'll offer advice if we can.

  Bioxed 12:47 29 Dec 2015

1) click here,searchweb201644379787782806281,searchweb201560_1

2) click here OEM,high price=bigger chance that it's high quality?,he said it comes with the apple logo and a custom IMEI 2)he said it comes with IMEI but didn't say if it's random or custom/mine 3)OEM?,he says it comes with a logo but no IMEI, it's the most expensive for some reason

IMEI doesn't even matter that much I mean who looks at that anyway, it's just nice to have and it makes it feel more professional even though he might be lying when he says that they print a custom IMEI.

I'm looking for something that is as real as it gets,like the original-strong,aluminium->NOT PLASTIC As long as it's aluminium it should be fine really..

Thank you for replying all opinions are welcome!



  Bioxed 12:53 29 Dec 2015

Wow it all mixed up with everything.

1) is the aliexpress one, OEM,high price,apple logo and custom IMEI

2)is the "alloy" from ebay = IMEI but is it custom

3) is this one

click here you can find your way in this mess,I don't know why it mixed up.



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