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Help with managing and scaling back a home network

  njlarcombe 13:08 07 Oct 2019

Hey folks, I wonder if anyone can give me starting point. My father-in-law (an extremely confident Mac home networker) sadly died a few years back. Since then I've been trying to help my mother-in-law maintain the iMacs and manage the setup so that she has less to worry about. Ideally, she wants to transfer everything to the newest iMac Pro and get rid of the other machines, including her current iMac and the other ones my father-in-law used for media and digital editing. I confess, at the stage, I'm at a loss to know how to transfer all the valuable stuff to one mac without messing everything up, and what to do with all of the time machine settings for backup to new storage we've bought. Any suggestions as to where I begin/who to ask for help? Thanks Nik

  Pine Man 13:25 07 Oct 2019

My advice, to someone who isn't too confident with Macs, is to copy all of the data/files you want from the macs to be disposed of to and external HDD or DVD and load them all in into the one that is being kept.

This way nothing needs to be deleted until you are satisfied that it has all been transferred properly.

There are other ways involving iCloud or similar but I don't know if this is within your ability.

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