Help - I've bricked my MacBook Pro.

  Hampstead 10:44 27 Jul 2017

I am selling my MacBook so thought I'd clean it up first.

I ran the disc utility and erased disk - All good so far, then I formatted the disc to OS X Base System.


I can't install macOS Sierra as the disc is incorrectly formatted. Everything is greyed out noe in disc utility.

What can I do to get this running again?

I have macOS Sierra on a USB if it helps. It won't boot from there though.

  Procrastinus 12:05 27 Jul 2017

I am NO expert with Mac, but you could try formatting your HDD with Mac OS Extended(Journaled). I believe this to be the format for re-installation. Good luck!

  Forum Editor 18:03 27 Jul 2017

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  HondaMan 21:10 27 Jul 2017

Go to the Macworld site. look for a "How to ..." article on creating a bootable flash drive. After you have created your bootable drive you can reinstall Sierra

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