Help downloading an Apple Mac OS using my PC

  Kudgi82 12:20 26 Aug 2017

I wonder if any of you guys could advise me how I download an apple mac operating system to my pc. I need to get it mounted on a USB stick or DVD disk using my pc as the apple mac files are corrupt therefore I cannot access it until I install a new OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure its very simple however I have never done this before.

  Pine Man 13:10 26 Aug 2017

I think the only way of downloading a MacOS onto a USB is by using a genuine Mac machine to access the App Store and download it from there. You will also need an app to create an installer.

Not for the feint hearted and contrary to Apples T&Cs ;-)

  Forum Editor 13:17 26 Aug 2017
  Kudgi82 13:57 26 Aug 2017

Thanks a million Forum Editor! Great instructions in that link il give that a shot and be sure to let you know How I get on. Thanks also to Pine man, was starting to think along the same lines as you.

  BRYNIT 21:56 26 Aug 2017

If you go to the apple website CLICK HERE type in the search bar download El Capitan or the name of the OS you want it should give you a link to the down load.

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