Help! Confused with playing Ipad on TV

  Sooboo 19:53 18 Sep 2014

Hi I have an ipad2. I also have a flat screen tv but only with DVI I socket and no HDMI. If I buy a Dvi to dvi cable then plug that into a dvi to Ipad cable with I be able to see the ipad screen on my TV. I want to watch Filmon via my Ipad whilst on holiday. Any help would be appreciated or any other solutions/advice would be great too. Thanks

  Woolwell 20:27 18 Sep 2014

I'm not sure that there is a DVI to iPad 2 cable. There is an HDMI cable adaptor (named 30 pin Digital AV which is rather confusing) and there is a VGA cable. You will probably need an HDMI - DVI adaptor. But you will have to make sure that you have the right hdmi end. When it is connected you should be able to mirror the ipad display on the TV but it may not fill the entire screen.

  Woolwell 22:11 18 Sep 2014

ßeta makes a very good point. Without hdmi you will not be able to get sound through the TV from the iPad.

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