Help, Can't back up my Ext. Hard Drive (OS)

  Kay Mweo 02:38 15 Jan 2018

This problem is a bit more complicated than just backing it up:

1). So i dropped my HD a little while ago...I just bought a new one to back up 734+GB worth of files

2). My HD format has by itself changed from MsDOS to ExFAT

3). All my files have changed to read-only

4). When i try to just drag my files over to my new HD it says "the finder can't complete the operation because some data in can’t be read or written error code -36"

5). My HD's mounting time is atrocious so when i try to back it up through Disk Utility, the HD needs to reboot meaning it has to shut it self then boot again but this can't be done because once it shuts off you have to wait for about 20+ mins for it to mount and at this moment the whole restore/back up task is canceled/fails

Once its Mounted i can see all my files on my finder but i read/write permissions can't be changed for some reason

I'm kinda screwed at this point...if you can help, you're honestly God sent!

  axelzanda 11:20 26 Jan 2018

Refomat the HD to Mac os Journaled via Disk Utilities (if you're not sure, check Apple Support web page)

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