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Have the FBI cracked the iPhones security?

  HondaMan 09:28 22 Mar 2016

Is this a case of "What's your is mine and what's mine is my own?"

  Forum Editor 10:55 22 Mar 2016

I'm quite sure that the FBI has been throwing a lot of money and resources at this problem, and sooner or later it was on the cards that it would come up with an answer.

My own feeling is that a great deal of unnecessary fuss has been made by Apple over this issue. It seems to me that the company has deliberately set out to make a big thing out of what is - on the face of it - a straightforward issue. A lot of hysteria has been stirred up, and attempts have been made to portray the argument as a noble stand (by Apple) for the individual's right to privacy.

There is no threat to anyone's privacy that didn't already exist - if the FBI can break the iPhone's security then others could do it. Surely it would be far better for Apple to have said 'OK, we appreciate that this may be a matter of national security, so we'll do what has been asked of us, and we'll make sure the door is locked when we've finished'.

Known terrorists do not have a 'right' to conduct their atrocity planning behind an impregnable wall of security that is provided for them by giant software and hardware companies.

  HondaMan 12:08 22 Mar 2016

FE, for once I totally agree with you. Apple could have helped their nation's security war without anyone even knowing, but instead they beat the drum by, effectively saying to the world "not even the FBI can break our security methods". Good advertising? I'm not so sure.

  Old Deuteronomy 19:35 24 Mar 2016

Good advertising? I'm not so sure.

Indeed, they seem to have shot themselves in the foot.

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