Hard disk full. Is my plan sensible?

  ima poster 15:36 30 Oct 2015

My mid-2011 with 1TB HDD is down to 3GB free storage! I also have a Firewire 800 2TB WD Mybook attached which used exclusively for Time Machine backup. I am thinking of getting a 3TB USB2 HD that can be used for Time Machine as I guess fast access is not a prerequisite - and reallocating the existing 2TB to photo and iTunes usage instead. Does this make sense or are there better ideas? Budget around £100.

  HondaMan 10:23 01 Nov 2015

I have a 3TB Time Capsule for my backups with things like my music and photos stored on external drives. You will find the time capsule much faster than a USB2 HDD for backups. Mine is permanently attached via a gigabit network which works perfectly fine for me

  Macworld 11:41 02 Nov 2015

Sounds like a sensible idea. I use a NAS drive for this purpose - more expensive, but it does mean you don't have to have your Mac plugged in to the drive all the time. Worth keeping in mind that your Photo library won't be backed up, it will only be on the hard drive - so if anything happens you could lose it. But maybe you could have a separate back up of it on your old hard drive.

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