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A Half Decent Guide For the iPad Pro?

  morddwyd 08:45 31 Jul 2017

This should perhaps be in the Helproom but you guys know my intellectual capabilities, or the lack of them, better!

I've finally taken the plunge and got an iPad. Some of you may recall that I've tried one before, but couldn't get to grips with it, but with my vision problems I like the big screen of the latest iPad Pro so I really want to give it a go (or my son gets a very nice Christmas present!).

However, I'm floundering a bit and the official user guide is not the best I've come across!

Anyone recommend a decent idiot's guide from actual hands on experience? Don't mind paying, of course, for the right product.

  Forum Editor 18:08 03 Aug 2017

To be honest, using an iPad is the best way to get to know it. Siri will help if you get stuck, but you are really better off learning as you go.

  morddwyd 20:09 03 Aug 2017

Thanks FE, that's how I learned Windows and Android of course, but the difficulty I'm having with "learning as I go" in iOs is that I am finding it difficult to do any actual going!

Even simple things like previous screen are difficult, and some text fields are much too small to read, and the zoom facility is, in some cases, a bit limited.

I'll get there but I was just hooping to speed up the journey a bit as I might not have that long!

  Forum Editor 06:29 04 Aug 2017

"Even simple things like previous screen are difficult"

Take a look at this.

  morddwyd 19:34 04 Aug 2017

Thank you

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