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going to buy new iMac and give present one to my w

  Sapins 10:24 14 Jul 2018

My wife has her HP Desktop completely in a mess, through no fault of hers, and when I suggested she needs a new computer she unexpectedly suggested she takes my iMac and buy myself a new one, now there's an offer I can't refuse! So, if you have any suggestions for the change, we will be very grateful, I will take the HP Desktop back to factory settings and sell it. We have agreed to either revert my mac to factory settings, or just delete those files my wife doesn't want.

Nothing I have done has sorted the problems with the Desktop, the latest being not able to open migration assistant, with which we could retrieve some important files, because it will not let me change to accept user agreement! We look forward to hearing your tips etc:

  bremner 11:11 15 Jul 2018

It may be just me but I really do not understand what your problem exactly is.

Are you simply trying to copy data from the hard drive of the HP to your iMac and getting a permissions error message?

  lotvic 12:03 15 Jul 2018

I really don't understand why you haven't followed the simple easy suggestions on your other two Threads instead of trying to use migration assistant a messed up Windows laptop to get files to an iMac.

Other Threads click here and click here

  bremner 13:05 15 Jul 2018

...and starting a third posting without reference to the previous ones.

  Sapins 16:12 27 Aug 2018

Problem solved, Hp is going under the hammer, my wife and I are both on iMacs.

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