Glued components in my new machine

  Erishkigal 17:16 14 Jul 2003

I have quite recently bought a machine from Multivision and was extremely happy and satisfied that it operated to my expectations. However, recently I decided to upgrade to an Audigy 2 soundcard as opposed to onboard sound. As I was fitting my new soundcard, I noticed that both my graphics card and modem were actually glued to the motherboard. As they all came as part of the package from Multivision, I presume that they glued the components in themselves. Clearly this is unacceptable, should I want to upgrade any of these components I will have to upgrade the others too!

Do I have any rights to claim components from Multivision that can be removed independently? I'm quite dissatisfied with this, and I will now be checking all the components in my machine to be sure that they are not also affixed incorrectly.

  Rayuk 17:24 14 Jul 2003

Have come across this before,it is to ensure they dont come adrift during transit,and believe it just peels off when you want to do a change.

E-mail them ask if this is the case.

  Erishkigal 17:31 14 Jul 2003

Presumably if the components are screwed into the case and clipped into the motherboard they will not come out?

  -pops- 17:42 14 Jul 2003

Many cards inserteed into the motherboard rely on friction alone to keep them in position and they can quite easily come adrift during transit as several threads on these pages will testify. Some assemblers use this glue to keep the components in place.

The "glue" is a most likely a translucent silicone rubber type material, yes?

Don't worry about it but just make sure with Multivision that you are OK warranty wise about removing the stuff.


  Sir Radfordin 18:06 14 Jul 2003

There would be two reasons for this:

1) make sure that things didn't come loose in transit.

2) make sure people didn't tinker with the hardware and then claim on the warranty saying they hadn't touched anything.

In my experience the glue is very easy to remove (Tiscali/PCA take note!) and shouldn't present a problem to you. However, you may void your warranty be opening the case.

  Erishkigal 18:06 14 Jul 2003

Brian/RayUK, thanks for your response. I will be emailing Multivision to check my warranty as suggested. I must admit I still find it hard to believe that components need to be glued in place for transit when they are already attached to both the case and motherboard, but I suppose they must know what they are doing. Thanks again for the help guys!


  -pops- 19:01 14 Jul 2003

It's belt and braces!!

It is quite common for screws to come loose with the vibration of travelling as well. You quite often see screws in electronic equipment sealed in with what looks like red nail varnish as well.

There is a story of a few years ago when childproof containers started to be used on medicines. A certain headache remedy had this new wonder childproof top to the container which could only be opened by clicking a lever in the lid and pulling the top off with that. Slight problem was that in travelling ALL of the transported containers arrived lidless due to the vibration of the lorry or whatever it was carrying them.


  Starfox 23:19 14 Jul 2003

Re the glue-if you had you ever seen how some of the delivery people treat packages marked fragile you would understand why.

Regards Starfox

  powerless 23:23 14 Jul 2003


  rev.bem 11:26 15 Jul 2003

Which Loctite would you recommend.


  Erishkigal 17:38 15 Jul 2003

Thanks all for answering my question, I'll close this post now. Please feel free to continue your observations as you wish.

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