Ghost in the Machine?

  Mark-323050 19:40 04 Jun 2004


I have a major problem with my grandsons computer. The Windows XP Pro installation on drive c: is completely ruined.
There is a partition on drive D: called "Restore". I've seen this on other computers. I want to restore my grandsons computer using the programs in the partition/ folder "Restore". Can anyone direct me as to what sort of command line I would put into Ghost (which is part of the restore). I think the program is called Ghostpe and runs a GUI type interface in DOS. There is another Ghost program but that only runs from Windows.

I've been to Symantecs site but can't make head nor tail of what's going on (hard life and old age).

I realise all this seems vague but I hae no access to a floppy recovery disk as I know people often do cases like this. But the computer was bought from a dealer (against my advice) at a computer fair in Manchester.
My grandson is lost without his "Noah's Ark" game.

Any help most graciously accepted.

Many thanks


  woodchip 19:51 04 Jun 2004

if this computer is a Medion then you will have restore CD. You need to start with the CD it will give three choises the bottom is a full as new restore

  Mark-323050 19:59 04 Jun 2004

Cheerz Woodchip,
Unfortunatly it's a Heinz 57. And like the rugby player with no jock strap, "no support" (computer fair special).

  woodchip 20:08 04 Jun 2004

Have you tried double clicking the windows Ghostpe file

  woodchip 20:16 04 Jun 2004

PS or right click the file to see what comes up. it may give you a restore option

  Mark-323050 20:22 04 Jun 2004

Thanks woodchip. theres no longer a problem. A mate phoned telling me where to download a rescue disk. I've just run it and it's removed the "hidden" partition on drive d. thus saving you good people your sanity and me my fingers.
Any one seen a grown man weep recently?


  woodchip 20:29 04 Jun 2004

If you have removed the hidden partition then you have just deleted all is software and XP backup

  Mark-323050 21:16 04 Jun 2004

yes - no more files to worry about - all gone at the flick of a switch

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