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Getting the best out of my imac help

  NabyKeitalfc8 12:04 30 Dec 2019

Hi guys

New to the forum and not particularly tech savvy so please take it easy on me :)

Iv had my imac for around 5 years now and have noticed the performence starting to wane, is there anything to do to boost its performence that is easy to do and is there any free antivirus software that somebody that reccomend? thanks

  bremner 06:58 31 Dec 2019

Take a look at this Macworld article click here

If you have continued to upgrade the MacOS each year then depending on which iMac you have and how much Ram it currently has, you could consider increasing it.

1]: [click here

  mikedavis 15:52 24 Jun 2020

If you want to boost performance and speed up boot time of your mac system then I recommend to check this article In which you get all the information which you want. Check here

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