Games machine (processor vs gfx vs ram)

  JAM3S 15:57 06 Mar 2006

okay here's a basic question for you.
I wanted a games pc (and maybe video editing and photoshoping) and I think I've gone and customised/bought one a bit blind.
I ended up sacrificing processor power over ram and I don't even know what ram does although I keep seeing reviews where they say things like "It's only got 512mb ram" "only got a 1gb"
The pc spec goes like this...

Amd 4800 (x2?)
2gb ddr ram
512mb ati 1900 xl
400gb hard disk (2x200)
21" nec

So will my pc cope with video editing and playing games at ridiculous high resolutions - with all the blood n guts turned on.

Thanks for your time

  wolfie3000 16:57 06 Mar 2006

thats a good spec for a game machine but to answer your question it depends on what games you want to play.

You should have no problems running some of the new titles that are out.

Just check the game box for the specs.

but you should be able to play most games at high frame rates with no problem.

  007al 17:25 06 Mar 2006

You say you had to sacrifice processor power for RAM.What did you sacrifice?The dual core 4800 is the top AMD dual core.Games are starting to be programmed to use dual core cpu`s,and as the latest AMD FX60 is dual core,it shouldnt be long til you can use the full potential of your system for gaming.You have a very nice set up and shouldnt have any worries of not being able to cope with what you want to use it for.

  Monument 17:44 06 Mar 2006

"So will my pc cope with video editing and playing games at ridiculous high resolutions - with all the blood n guts turned on"


  zannee 22:30 06 Mar 2006

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of price was this? Where did you get it from, as I'm going to buy a PC soon and am unsure where to start - there are so many different types out there, but want it for the same uses as you. My current computer just doesn't cut it with games.

  JAM3S 16:39 07 Mar 2006

Hi everyone

007al - There was a really big price jump between the 4800x2 and the next chip FX57 (or it might have been 60) so I opted for an extra Gb of ram instead. I wanted 2 gfx cards too but
again, it was too pricey & I thought my 4800 processor might become a bottleneck for the 2 cards. Damn, customising a pc can be soo stressful :)

The games I'm gonna buy first are FEAR & Call of Duty 2, guess I'm a FPS fan :)

Zannee - £2200+ From Evesham. I started with a cheapish base model and added things. Really wanted that Nec 21" monitor. I've a fondness for Evesham but shop around Zannee

Cheers guys

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