Games for Mac Air (Yosemite)

  HenryVII 12:30 28 Dec 2014

I cannot find any good games that run well on Macs. I have looked at various "Best Games" sites, but none is really helpful.

Anyway, some of you may be able to suggest a few good games. In the past the only games that really gripped me were The Settlers and Myst. That sounds very limited, but I enjoyed those games so much that I didn't have time to look at many others. When the iPad arrived I did grab The Room and its sequel.

One type of game I find thoroughly uninteresting, however, is the Shoot 'Em Up. I prefer something that makes me think.

  wee eddie 13:28 29 Dec 2014
  bremner 10:30 30 Dec 2014

wee eddie

Those are iOS games not Yosemite.

  wee eddie 12:45 30 Dec 2014

bremner: I quote the last sentence of his penultimate paragraph "When the iPad arrived I did grab The Room and its sequel."

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