Frozen installer every time I log on eating memory

  michafer 23:12 11 Apr 2018

When I log on CleanMyMac sends a message that AppYORN is frozen, and it is eating up my memory. I can force quit this but each time I restart my computer the problem reoccurs. I can also do this via Activity Monitor, but here too the problem reoccurs when I restart.

I have searched Finder and located this particular item at /Volumes/Installer/
but I cannot delete this item. There is an eject button next the the Installer in the Finder window, and I can remove the by pressing this. However, like the CleanMyMac and Activity Monitor solutions, it is short term and reappears every time I log on. I have had this problem now for about 2 weeks but don't know why it started.

I have tried starting the computer in safe mode, and the problem did not seem to occur in safe mode. However when I restarted it in 'ordinary' mode, the problem occurred again.

How can I prevent this?

Thank you in anticipation of any help.

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