Free upgrade on an iMac bought from amazon uk

  Sapins 09:16 11 Aug 2012

Having bought an iMac within the period for a free upgrade to the OS I duly scanned a copy of the order and sent it via the application form to Apple. I received a reply saying they could not proceed as it was missing the "part number". I e-mailed Apple to ask where would I find the number, no reply, so I inserted the serial number on the form and re-sent it, received same reply "no part number" I then contacted Amazon to ask, via live chat, for the part number, they did not know what that was so said they would bring in "The Amazon Chiefs" I thought for a moment they were going to get some large American Football players to sort them out. After 5 days, which was yesterday, I received an e-mail from Amazon informing me that although it normally only takes 1/2 days they were still investigating the problem. Has anyone applied for this update and if so how did you get on? What and where is the "part number" on an iMac?

  Sapins 09:19 11 Aug 2012

I should have added that three e-mails via the link Apple provided if "you have problems" have so far been ignored.

  blodgett 15:45 11 Aug 2012

Hi Sapins, I have recently bought a Mac Mini and yesterday I updated the OS to Mountain Lion using the Apple on line update option. The only "number" I had to supply was the serial number of the unit and where I bought it. However it was a rather long drawn out process with various computer generated emails, but succeeded in the end. If you go to :- you will see, on the left a OS X Mountain Lion section follow the instructions. Good Luck

  Sapins 16:15 11 Aug 2012

Hi blodgett,

Was your update a free version?

  blodgett 18:09 11 Aug 2012

Hi Sapins Yes it was, but there were time limits from date of purchase.I think starting in June and going on to late August, but have a look at the site.

  Sapins 19:35 11 Aug 2012

The form seams to be the same as I tried but I will go through it.

  Sapins 20:01 11 Aug 2012

Apple won't accept application, asks for part number again.

  retep888™ 10:15 12 Aug 2012


If you'd purchased the iMac from an Apple retail shop or online shop then on their official receipt there is a part number alongside the serial number in the form of XYYYYX/X X=>Letter, Y=>number.

Not sure about the Amazon receipt format but if you don't see part number then try the order/marketing number if there is one.

After all Amazon should sort this out for you, I suppose.

  Sapins 13:54 12 Aug 2012


I am waiting for Amazon to get back to me on this, Apple just ignore my e-mails and this on the link "if you have problems" on the e-mail they send rejecting my request for the upgrade!

  retep888™ 23:16 12 Aug 2012


Not sure why Apple'd want a Part Number from you, please follow the below procedures if you did differently & see if it helps.

1) On the Up To Date form, fill in the Date of Purchase =>Place Of Purchase =>select Reseller =>Details of Reseller (Amazon,in your case) => check I accept Terms & Conditions =>Click Continue. Leave Right to Copy & Number of Qualifying systems for right to copy options blank.

2) Enter your details =>Enter your contact informations (just enter 44 without the + sign in the Country Codes if asked)=>Click Continue =>Enter Serial Numbers(no Part numbers is needed)=> select system (iMac in your case) => Click Continue & submit your form ,you should get approval from Apple at once & an email will be sent to your email address with a file to download & a Password to open it.

3) You'll get a consent code within the PDF file which you can use to redeem Mountain Lion in App store, anyway if Apple still fails to approve your upgrade then only if you got the iMac from a marketplace seller because Amazon is an approved Apple product seller, they're supposed to help you out.

  Sapins 09:08 13 Aug 2012


I have tried again from the beginning following your advice and end up with the same response, No Part Number.

I will have to wait for Amazon to sort it out.

Thanks for your help,



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