First thing to do to stop spinning ball on imac

  Sapins 11:11 06 Dec 2014

I'm totally fed up with the spinning ball appearing randomly and frequently. One day it never appears and another It's there most of the time, even when I start up and have not downloaded anything or changed any setting's. It happens mostly on Firefox and sometimes on Safari.

What's the first thing and then others to check to stop it?

  simonjary 16:59 06 Dec 2014

Try checking Activity Monitor (Applications>Utilities) to see if one app or process is slowing down your Mac.

There's more tips here. It's an older article but worth reading.

According to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, "the spinning wait cursor is displayed automatically by the window server when an application cannot handle all of the events it receives. If an application does not respond for about 2 to 4 seconds, the spinning wait cursor appears." (WindowServer is the background process that runs the Mac OS X graphical user interface.) Which is to say, the beachball is there to tell you your Mac is too busy with a task to respond normally.

The beach ball may also appear if you don’t have enough RAM.

You don’t have to keep an Activity Monitor window open all the time; there are less obtrusive ways to use it. For example, open Activity Monitor then Control-click on its Dock icon and select Dock Icon -> Show CPU Usage. That will turn the icon itself into a CPU usage graph; you can then close the main Activity Monitor window. You can also Control-click on the icon and select Monitors -> CPU Usage, or Monitors -> Floating CPU Window. That will place a small activity graph in the corner of your screen.

  Sapins 19:57 06 Dec 2014

Hello simonjary,

Thanks for your reply, I'll read the article and follow your advice re activity monitor, I was getting to the point of thinking about selling the Mac but I don't really want to lose the money doing that so I might as well carry on and see if I can find the cause. I'll let you know how I get on, Thanks again, Sapins.

  Sapins 09:56 07 Dec 2014

Hello again simonjary,

I have removed Firefox, using too much CPU and I am using Safari, much less use of CPU and other resources, so far no spinning wheel! and the computer is definitely faster.

  simonjary 18:54 07 Dec 2014

Also, especially with Firefox, don't have too many tabs or windows open.

  Sapins 19:42 07 Dec 2014

When I was using Firefox I only had a maximum of 4 tabs open. Is that still too many?

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