First firm post from an iPad

  simonjary 21:05 07 Apr 2010

Forum looks great on Apple's iPad!

  simonjary 21:06 07 Apr 2010

Except iPad changed forum to firm it appears...

Probably my mistake.

  Al94 21:45 07 Apr 2010

I'm totally underwhelmed!

  Þ² 00:11 08 Apr 2010

I like the design but I don't like Apple.

  wiz-king 05:32 08 Apr 2010

Boys and their toys!

  morddwyd 07:13 08 Apr 2010

I'm afraid I would need a better reason than the Forum looking good before I change!

  Kevscar1 07:15 08 Apr 2010

looks a lot better on a 24in widescreen.

  Legolas 08:45 08 Apr 2010

Do you have a photo? I wasn't interested in the ipad till I seen the people in the States with theirs and now for some reason I am thinking about thinking about getting one, if I could afford it. A bit of 'latest gadget envy' on my part I suspect.

  donki 09:45 08 Apr 2010

I will congratulate you simply because I was one of the people who thought the iPhone was a gimic..... until i bought one. I would love an iPad but simply cant justify buying one having a desktop, macbook and an iPhone.

Can I ask how is the screen for finger prints and the like?

  Forum Editor 11:48 08 Apr 2010

Usually I can find at least one reason to justify buying the latest device, but on this occasion I can't think of any.

  simonjary 14:12 08 Apr 2010

It's an interesting device - but the question is Do we need a third computing device, on top of phone and laptop/PC?

I can see immediate benefits of it as a large digital photo frame you can pass around for photos and videos.

You'd really need the stand for it for prolonged use.

As with the iPhone it's the dedicated apps that will make the iPad both useful and highly desirable rather than just a luxury item.

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