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Finding out, someone restored your browser history

  Disgruntledex 10:14 04 Dec 2019

Hello there, I've been through a pretty rough court battle with my ex, and fortunately I've come out of it quite well, with plenty of time with my son, no major financial difficulties etc. I'm still a bit upset that my ex, I'm fairly sure, went through my Imac and restored my Internet search history so she could try and find something incriminating. Is there a way to look at the logs, or Firefox software to find out whether the history file has been restored? I know the exact date when it would have happened, I just can't find anything out there which would give me concrete proof of this.. Thanks in advance. Very grateful for help with this unusual issue.

  wee eddie 10:24 04 Dec 2019

How about your back-ups

  Disgruntledex 10:25 04 Dec 2019

Yeh maybe � Not sure it I have any backups.. I'll check.

  wee eddie 11:12 04 Dec 2019

If you don't have any Back-up of your Computer, you need one anyway, regardless of your present problems

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