Find my iPad does not find it!

  john bunyan 09:07 10 Apr 2013

I have W7, 64 bit, fixed IP address, IE 10, Belkin Router, IPad 4, iCloud. All working ok. When I try to test out the "Find my iPad" feature on my laptop, the iPad device is recognised, with a green "on" spot, but a message says "Unable to locate device". I have enabled the location feature on the iPad; I wonder if it is a router setting?

  john bunyan 17:59 10 Apr 2013

Has anyone an answer?

  Woolwell 19:02 10 Apr 2013

I'm overseas at the moment and picked up your post on my iPad. I doubt that it is anything to do with your router or your home set up. Does the iPad show its correct location in Apple Maps?

I'm sorry but I doubt that I can follow up with much for at least 24 hours.

  john bunyan 09:17 11 Apr 2013


Thank you so much for replying - hope you continue to enjoy your trip. I am checking on the Apple Maps issue as I have the Google maps(+Steet view) app installed as well, since IOs 6 at first did not get on with the normal Google Maps website. No hurry, and thanks again.

  Woolwell 16:53 11 Apr 2013

Check on Google Maps that the correct position is shown. I suspect that this snag will cure itself.

  john bunyan 20:47 11 Apr 2013


I have had an extended telecom with Apple and ended up with a senior USA advisor who is calling back tomorrow! Tried everything - still not working - reset, checked WiFi,etc. She thinks it may be to do with the ISP - Pipex - Tiscali - Talk Talk as their protocols may not fit with this feature. Also there may be a problem with the user id and password, although they let me in to iCloud and the iTunes account.

  Woolwell 22:28 11 Apr 2013

It will be interesting to find out what the problem is. I've always found it to be very accurate. Have you tried "Play sound"?

  john bunyan 11:18 12 Apr 2013


They are phoning back at 5pm. IT seems to be a possible problem with the Apple ID /password or maybe the Pipex interface. I have, under their guide, reset it, switched off and on the router, turned the various options on and off , all to no avail. iCloud first says "No devices are on line" then when you click on the device it is shown, with a green spot, bur with a sign saying "Unable to find location". One problem is that I have been unable to use my wife's normal e Mail on it as the "Other" settings for e mail accounts are too cumbersome as I do not have all the pipex details re portals etc so my grand daughter set up a Hotmail account on the iPad itself which has not yet been used...

  Woolwell 11:31 12 Apr 2013

Does your wife use OE or Windows Live Mail, etc. When setting up email on my iPad I copied the account settings down including ports, etc and then put exactly the same settings in the iPad. I now have 4 totally different email accounts working.

  john bunyan 15:23 12 Apr 2013


My wife and I use Outlook (not OE) on W7. I will endeavour to do as you say on the iPad (if I can find the settings!). For now she has a Hotmail account on the iPad.

  Woolwell 15:25 12 Apr 2013

Which version of Outlook? I use Outlook and I copied the settings from that. It should be under account settings, change, then under more settings and the advanced tab should be useful.

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