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Final cut pro won't install

  borgna 08:48 15 Jun 2019

Hi i have an early 2014 MacBook air with an iOS version of 10.12.6 on MacOS Sierra.

I'm trying to install final cut pro and it says unable to install because it requires an iOS version of 10.13 or higher so when I click on the apple up on the top left and then about this mac I can see my current iOS version. Then if i click on software update it goes to the app store's update page and says no updates available. Is my laptop unable to upgrade to a higher iOS? How can I use final cut pro? Thanks.

  bremner 12:24 15 Jun 2019

You can upgrade to High Sierra or even Mojave Follow these instructions and the Mojave link enter link description here

  Pine Man 12:49 27 Jul 2019


This post is about Final Cut Pro.

Best start a new one of your own rather than hijack this one.

  HondaMan 15:12 27 Jul 2019

Pine Man Don't understand. alexmusic is the first poster, so surely this its a new thread?


  Pine Man 16:30 27 Jul 2019


I think the FE must have used his mouse.

Borgna was the first/original poster, followed by Bremner, followed by alexmusic, followed by me.

  KatJanny 18:13 30 Jul 2019

bro i have facd a same problem like this i dont know the exact reason ut i thin you should install the updated version of that app and you can easily upgrade from href Apps World

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