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  meedy 10:32 06 Feb 2003

All i want is someone working on a mac to read my jpegs from a cd, while i work from my PC. Please Help.

I put all my amazing artwork onto a disk for my agent the other day. i put everything into folders and sub-folders, clearly labeling them. I spent alot of time arranging everything simply and was prowd of my results. But alas to my dismay he was working on a Mac. He couldn't read anything. Bugger!

I think i'm right in that - because i put in all the 'pc type' folders, the Mac couldn't read them. If i put them onto a disk without placing them in folders will he be able to read them? or do i have to convert files and download software.
All files are Jpegs.

  €dstow 10:45 06 Feb 2003

Get a new agent.

Any commercial organisation working exclusively on MAC machines is also working in the dark ages. At the very least they should be able to read your JPG images.

There is conversion software available and considering the proportion of people running PCs compared with those running MACs nowadays, I am very surprised your agent cannot do this.


  MichelleC 10:54 06 Feb 2003

i suspect your agent is using a mac; 1 for ese of use, or 2 because the publishing world uses mac's for dtp. I thought later macs could read pc written stuff. This converter is $50: click here

Let me know if it works 'cos I've got a best-seller I wrote on a mac 10 years ago.

  €dstow 10:54 06 Feb 2003

click here

and have a read of click here


  MartinT-B 10:54 06 Feb 2003

What MAC?

Powerpc d3 or g4 should be able to read jpegs from a CD.

It's prolly the folders - get rid of them.

I burnt a ton of jpegs onto a CD whilst in the US and could read them perfectly on my sister's mac in the UK.

Alternatively, save them as PDF files.

Does the MAC user have photoshop and/or quicktime in which case there's no reson except the folders.

  €dstow 10:57 06 Feb 2003

N.B I run a graphics studio. We have one MAC and eight PCs, shortly to have a ninth. Things are changing in the art/graphics world and MACs are (possibly unfortunately) losing out.


  €dstow 11:02 06 Feb 2003

Not part of your request, I know but, I would also suggest the "artwork" is submitted in a non-lossy format, certainly not JPG.


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