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File re written can I get it back

  Eleanor Hitchings Barnfield 18:51 02 Dec 2018

Hello I’m using a MacBook Air and word document and I’ve managed to lose the finished content of the file for my essay deadline tomorrow, I have re written over the completed file I’ve just checked the time saver and I have no idea why but it is switched off I’m devastated Anyone know if I can re retrieve it I’m pretty desperate here and will try anything

  john bunyan 19:36 02 Dec 2018

See below- good luck!

restore word doc

Another for a Mac

restore word on a Mac

  HondaMan 17:45 03 Dec 2018

Try your time-machine backup!

  john bunyan 18:21 03 Dec 2018

This appears to be green ticked. Elanor: did you sort it out?

  gnc220 18:16 05 Dec 2018


  gnc220 18:18 05 Dec 2018

url=[click here url=[click here My iPhone[/url] [url=[click here]3 you sort it out?

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