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Faded gray lines on iphone 7 screen

  callmejesse 19:09 16 Aug 2019

I found out there’s soft faded horizontal gray lines all over my iphone screen. But all functions working normally. it appears today.

The lines is almost invisible but i can definitely see it when the screen background turns white like when I open safari or anything with white background. The interval between lines is about 10 pixels constantly.

Idk if it’s a hardware or software issue. Here’s the interesting part. You know that when we restart our iphone the the apple logo will appear twice right?

Then I restarted my iphone,

* First appearance of apple logo. i didn’t see the gray lines on the white apple logo (i supposed to see it because the apple logo has white background). I’m using Iphone 7 Jet Black.

* Second appearance of apple logo. I definitely see the gray lines on the apple logo.

I really hope you guys can help me solve my problem. Thank you so much.

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