External network drive to store ipad music etc

  Nessie 19:23 28 Dec 2010

click here

This is the link to the external drive that I am thinking of buying. If I buy this will I be able to store my ipod's music in the same way as I connect to my laptop my usb at the moment. The laptop has run out of storage space. Thanks for any help

  bremner 19:45 28 Dec 2010

You will need something like Filebrowser app click here on the iPad

  bremner 19:49 28 Dec 2010

Second thoughts, I don't think it is as simple as file sharing.

iTunes only works on the iPad from a sync with iTunes on a computer.

Have to research this.

  bremner 19:58 28 Dec 2010

A quick search is not promising.

An option seems to be to access an existing iTunes library on a PC wirelessly, on an iPhone or iPad, using ooTunes click here

  Nessie 21:26 28 Dec 2010

title should read ipod 4

  bremner 19:58 29 Dec 2010

How do you access this from an iPhone as none of your links actually tell you how this can be done.

  bremner 08:12 30 Dec 2010

Semantics aside

The only iPod that has wifi is the Touch

The iPhone and iPad also has wifi so....

My question still stands how can any of these make use of this piece of kit?

  bremner 21:30 30 Dec 2010

I think I may have misunderstood what you were suggesting the NAS could do.

I have been basing all my responses on Nessie's slightly confusing initial post title which reads as them wanting to store music files on a storage device that an iPad could access. Which was reiterated when they posted

"title should read ipod 4"

As you will see from my first three posts I was looking for a solution that enabled a wifi connected ipod/iPad/iPhone to stream the music from the storage device.

I totally agree your NAS could be used to store the music files and for any number of computers to access it and populate iTunes.

  Nessie 00:02 31 Dec 2010

All I really wanted to know was could I sit with the ipos toch connected too the laptop but save my library to the net drive. ta

  bremner 08:25 31 Dec 2010


  Nessie 16:48 31 Dec 2010

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