Europe Wants Total Ban On Smacking Kids

  Uboat 13:34 27 Apr 2010

WELL having brought two absolutely lovely natured kids up who have the upmost respect for me I think this rule is rather silly, I think this is one of the reasons kids are the way they are today cause they are not been disciplined enough!

I can honestly sit here and say I was never over hard but now my 6 yr old boy I punish him by sending him to bed & he cries & that's enough! but I'm NOT going to sit here and say he hasn't had a couple of taps on the bum! that made him wake up!
& my daughter too!

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  Legolas 13:55 27 Apr 2010

I think the problem with a ban like this is that those parents who's disciplining of there kids is bordering on or goes over into physical abuse are the ones that are likely to take little or no notice of this ban. Those who use a smack sensible and sparinginly will now be unable to use this age old form of discipline and I will repeat the old hackneyed saying 'it did me no harm'

  Chegs ®™ 13:57 27 Apr 2010

"But the law does not cover part-time education institutions like Sunday schools or madrassas."

So religious folk can still trust their priests to look after their children?

I don't want government interfering with my private life,my daughter has been smacked but not for quite some years as she knows the boundaries and does not seek to breach these boundaries as she is in possession of some common-sense.I am regularly complimented on her politeness by shopkeepers,family & friends which makes me very proud.

  Quickbeam 14:48 27 Apr 2010

Didn't do me any harm, I was no angel!

  caccy 17:08 27 Apr 2010

Boo'ed somebody in the gym at school when I was about 14. The gym teacher gave me the "slipper" and told me ""caccy" you do not boo people". Know what, never have since (50+ years).Smacking worked with me a telling off certainly would not have done.

  egapup 19:04 27 Apr 2010

Ban it?? bring it back in schools, teach the little sods some respect.

  peter99co 20:21 27 Apr 2010

The case in the news of the teacher losing his rag with a class full of little sods would have been avoided by using the old tawse in a judicious manner.

Bring back the birch as well before it is to late.

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