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Error reinstalling macOS after erasing hard drive

  pollyjw 20:13 17 Mar 2019

I bought a second-hand MacBook Pro (2017) and tried to reset the laptop by erasing Macintosh HD and then reinstalling macOS Sierra. However, I have now unsuccessfully tried to reinstall macOS a number of times as it always throws an error just before it finishes installing - "an error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again".

When I go back to disk utility, the failed reinstallation's show up on disk images as multiple copies of 'Apple UDIF read-only compressed (lib) media'. Because of the number of failed reinstallation's, these files are now occupying 30 GB on the hard drive. When I go to erase the hard drive, selecting 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)', the erase process fails saying 'an internal error has occurred'.

I'm concerned I did something wrong when I first erased the hard drive as I don't remember if I selected 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)'. Any advice on how to reset fully and successfully reinstall macOS would be greatly appreciated!

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