Erased MacOS and Wi-Fi isn't working.

  User123456 09:40 02 Mar 2018

Hi all.

So as the title states I've erased my MacOS. I don't want to recover any files or data I just want to know how to reinstall my OS I don't have a disk or anything, and on top of that the Wi-Fi won't turn on for some reason (which was the beginning to why I was trying to reinstall my OS). When I switch the mac on now it will show a folder with a question mark in it and if I boot it with cmd+R it doesn't go to the utility page, it just loads a spinning globe that asks me to connect to Wi-Fi which I can't do because it isn't turning on.

Any solutions? Thanks

Ps. In case this is important it's a mac book pro from 2014 I believe.

  bremner 11:10 02 Mar 2018

How did you erase the MacOS?

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